Cost to Students

The cost of the program for the 2023-2024 academic years is $343.80/credit for New Mexico residents and for non-residents, $415.75/credit for 1 to 6 credits and 1057.30/credit for 1 to 14 credits when enrolled in >6 credits. Tuition for students from El Paso is assessed at 1.1 times the resident rate. Tuition for students from Mexico are assessed at 1.5 times the resident rate.

The internship averages nine credits per semester. In addition, semester fees charged to the student include a student/wellness fee of $159.30 for fall and spring and summer $141.60. ASNMSU fee of $33.50. This includes use of the school facilities such as the technology center, Activity Center, and health services. The cost is subject to change yearly when the Board of Regents votes on a new budget. The dietetic interns will also pay a student fee of $600 per semester. This fee will cover the cost associated with facilitating the educational portion of the internship. Additional costs may be incurred by the students if completing supervised practice at sites outside Las Cruces.

Dietetic interns should plan to purchase a variety of text and reference books (for example: clinical text, medical terminology, foodservice, and community nutrition). Many of these books will be used in more than one course. Please plan on purchasing the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics’ Online Nutrition Care Manual, and electronic Nutrition Care Process Terminology (eNCPT) Reference Manual.

Dietetic interns are responsible for transportation to all facilities, parking, and meals. Generally this means having one's own car, as the hours of attendance do not always correspond to public transportation and some placements will be outside of Las Cruces.

Dietetic interns may need to purchase scrubs to be worn and non-slip shoes when required. Dietetic interns must attend a minimum of two professional meetings. Many are at no cost to the dietetic interns, but others may charge a fee.

The NMSU DI requires dietetic interns to join the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics as a student member. The yearly membership fee is $58. This membership includes a subscription to the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Applications are available online at: Eat Right. Students must be members at the start of the program, and remain members throughout the internship.