Sample Calendar and Rotation Schedule

Internship classes begin when instruction begins and end on the last day of classes as listed on the academic calendar for each of the five semesters. See NMSU's current Academic Calendar.

If an intern has not completed all assignments and met all competencies associated with a supervised practice rotation or has not completed the required number of supervised practice hours of a module, the intern may be required to complete assignments, competencies, and supervised practice hours during the semester breaks. All coursework and supervised practice hours must be completed within 3 years of beginning the internship.

Sample Rotation Schedule

Year 1 Sample Rotation
Year 1
Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer Semester (optional)
  •  Orientation to DI Didactic classes in:
  •  Statistics   •  Foodservice
Supervised practice
  •  Research Methods   •  Community Nutrition   •  Foodservice Management OR
  •  Nutrition Care Process   •  Community OR
  •  Clinical/Simulation Virtual Reality Lab
Total Credits = 9 Total Credits = 9 Total Credits = 6-7


Year 2 Sample Rotation
Year 2
Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer Semester
  •  DI Seminar   •  Review for National RD Exam Summer after graduation
Supervised practice rotations: Supervised practice
  •  Take RD Exam
  •  Foodservice Management OR   •  Foodservice Management OR
  •  Community OR   •  Community OR
  •  Clinical   •  Clinical
Total Credits = 9-10 Total Credits = 11
Potential Thesis Potential Thesis